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    The motto that I founded this company on and continues to be the driving force behind all that we do is simply:
'Neat, Clean and Dependable.'

Never has that not served me well

    Bret's Painting is a locally owned and operated family business that has been doing more than just great painting in the Red River Valley region for 15 years. Our specialty is, of course what the company was founded on, quality workmanship and dependable service in all aspects of the painting industry.  But as you will come to see, that is just a part of all that makes Bret's Painting World the dynamo it is today. In here, you will be able to dream of new possibilities that can enrich your quality of life, or you can just click around and see all the fun we have making so many other people's lives better. This company that humbly started out as one man's belief, determination and a garage has today become  the respected and widely  recognized Bret's Painting that thrives today on diversity and dedication to detail. Other parts of this dynamo include complete snow removal and ice control for commercial and residential properties throughout the area. We also specialize in the finest quality top soil, fill dirt and material hauling.

The finest grades being produced on site at the Bret's Painting yard.

The satisfaction of making a customer's wishes a reality has cemented my belief that my customers understand and appreciate the importance of our commitment to how it all got started.

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Neat, Clean and Dependable!

And the story of the logo  That's another day and besides only paying customers get to hear that one.

Our Services:

paint canPainting(of course)

whether its the interior of a historic landmark, inside conservatoryconcordia collegea college,

a store front,
premier video


or a house.house
We're Ready!

Snow Removal

professionals with the equipment necessary snow plow to do the job right.

Fill Dirt

the red river valley's finest top soil payloader and dump truck delivered to your doorstep.

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